Piston Ring Museum

Technologies that Assure Ring Function

Continual efforts are made to maintain and further develop the right design and production technologies that are necessary to guarantee proper ring function. The various booths in this Exhibit will help you develop an understanding of the types of technologies required.

Piston Ring Museum | Guide to Museum Exhibits C

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Guide to Museum Exhibits C

  • Gas Sealability 1

    Gas Sealability
    1. Peripheral Roundness & Bearing Stress
  • Gas Sealability 2

    Gas Sealability
    2. Ring Side Face Flatness
  • Gas Sealability 3

    Gas Sealability
    3. Controlling Flutter & Ring Position
  • Heat Transfer

    Heat Transfer

  • Contact Friction & Ring Durability

    Contact Friction & Ring Durability

  • Material Technology

    Material Technology

  • Serving a Broad Range of Applications

    Serving a Broad Range of Applications