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Message from President, CEO & COO

Message from President, CEO & COO

RIKEN CORPORATION is the highly-functional parts supplier for the automotive and other industries, whose root comes from the large and well-known research institute in Japan, "Rikagaku Kenkyusho."


RIKEN was established in 1927 for the purpose of commercializing the innovative piston rings manufacturing method invented by the said research institute. Since its foundation, based on the prominent technologies of material, machining, surface treatment and so on, RIKEN has grown to become the worldwide piston ring supplier and globally unique corporate group through expanding its product portfolio such as automotive parts, pipe fittings, thermal engineering, EMC and other industrial products.


On July 16, 2007, we experienced a terrible earthquake, "the Niigata Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake," which greatly damaged our production facilities in Niigata area. Thanks to kind supports extended by everyone, we were fortunately able to restore the damaged facilities and resume supply to our customers in a surprisingly short time.
This experience gave us a chance to recognize anew the importance of fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities. Therefore, we have been enhancing not only safety, quality, but also BCP (Business Continuity Plan) since then.


On October 2, 2023, We have merged to establish NPR-RIKEN CORPORATION with Nippon Piston Ring Co., Ltd. Amidst the ongoing, once-in-a-century transformation of the automotive industry, we believe that we have various roles that must be fulfilled, such as continuing to provide better performing, higher quality products, make steady contributions to the achievement of carbon neutrality, which is a common global challenge, and strengthen and develop new products and business fields. In order to proactively address these issues, the two companies have decided to merge based on the recognition that pursuing synergies under integrated governance while leveraging both companies' brands which have been cultivated over many years is the optimal choice to grow sustainably and increase both companies' corporate value.


In order to maintain the trust of our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, local communities, and all of our other stakeholders, we will fulfill our social responsibilities for the creation of a sustainable society. We will also work as one to continue to take on challenges in the pursuit of growth to further increase our corporate value.

Yasunori Maekawa,