CSR Policy

The Riken Group's Mission Statement states, "We will be a leading corporate citizen that always operates with respect for the laws, environment, safety and overall well being of the global communities where we conduct our business."
The Riken Group has been focusing on eliminating all fraudulent transactions from day-to-day operations in order to create a safe and clean environment and become a company with high transparency and openness. And we recognizes that it is necessary for us to strive harder than ever to meet expectations and win the trust of a wide variety of stakeholders surrounding it, such as shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers, employees and local communities, through improved communication.
In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities (CSR), Riken established the RIKEN CODE OF ETHIC. This code guides the actions of all directors and employees of the Riken Group.

Riken Group Mission Statement

  • We will provide superior long-term economic value for our shareholders through effective use of their invested capital.
  • We will offer products and services that continually exceed our customers' increasing expectations through constant innovation and continued advancements in knowledge and technology.
  • We will continuously renew ourselves by encouraging initiative and entrepreneurism and by being constantly committed to change.
  • We will be a leading corporate citizen that always operates with respect for the laws, environment, safety and the overall well being of the global communities where we conduct our business.

Riken Code of Ethic

  1. Relationship between Each Company and Society / Local Communities
    1. (1) Contribution to Society

      We strive to (a) comply with all applicable laws in each country and all local communities in the conduct of its business, (b) respect the culture or customs of the communities in which it operates and (c) contribute to the local communities.
      We actively participate in environmental and volunteer activities.

    2. (2) Maintenance of the Global Environment

      We strive to preserve the environment and secure environmental safety by providing ecologically safe products.

    3. (3) Safety and Quality Assurance

      We always consider product safety and never distort the facts in any matter.
      We will comply with all applicable road traffic laws and related regulations in order to prevent work accidents and traffic accidents.

    4. (4) Disclosure of Information

      We disclose accurate information on a timely basis.

  2. Respect for Basic Human Rights and Prohibition of Discrimination

    We respect the human rights of individuals and never act in a discriminatory manner.

  3. Compliance with Competition Law

    We never violate the law and regulations relevant to competition law, such as antitrust law and subcontract act.
    We build fair and just relationships with all the business partners including suppliers.

  4. Corruption Prevention

    We never violate the law in giving gifts and entertaining customers or suppliers. We never receive gifts and conduct entertainment if such gifts are unreasonable or unacceptable under social standards.

  5. Countermeasures Against Misconduct

    We intend to prohibit all contacts with and will not engage with antisocial forces. If a Director, Officer and/or an Employee finds anyone or any incident violating this Ethics Policy, Company Policy or other rules provided by the Riken Group, he or she may consult to the Helpline.

  6. Prohibition of Conduct Against the Company's Interest

    We do not engage in activities interfering with the interest of the Riken Group.

  7. Prohibition of Insider Trading

    We comply with the Policy regarding Insider Trading or other applicable law, and do not engage in the purchase and/or sale shares and bonds based on non-public information regarding corporate management & business until those information are made public.
    We do not leak material information.

  8. Prevention of Leakage of Confidential Information, Maintenance of Security of Information Systems, and Protection of Personal Information

    We keep secret all confidential information.
    We use information system properly.

  9. Export Transactions Controls

    We put appropriate export procedures and management in place with regard to the export of technologies, items, etc., which are controlled by the laws of each country and local communities.

  10. Protection of Intellectual Property

    We protect intellectual property rights owned by or belonging to the Riken Group, and must not improperly obtain or use a third party's intellectual property, or infringe such rights.

  11. Protection of Company Assets and Funds

    We always use the assets, funds and information systems of the Riken Group appropriately.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Natural resources mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries are gaining attention as potential risks to the environment and contributing factors to human rights violations, as they could be a source of funds for armed groups.

Consistent with its CSR approach to procurement, Riken recognizes that conflict minerals※ represent one of the most significant social issues within the supply chain.

In accordance with the rules and guidelines of its customers and the policies of the Japan Automobile Parts Industries Association (JAPIA), Riken aims to achieve Conflict-Free sourcing, through active and thorough surveys of its supply chain.

In the recent survey, Riken did not identify any suppliers using minerals from smelters or refineries assumed to be connected to armed groups.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted the final rule to implement reporting and disclosure requirements concerning conflict minerals as directed by an earlier rule passed by the U.S. Congress in 2010. The Conflict Minerals Rule aims to cut off sources of funding for armed groups and end violent conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries. The rule requires companies listed on US stock exchanges to verify, report and make public their use of conflict minerals from the DRC or adjoining countries.