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A new product "CPC-200 piston ring"

In June, 2017, Riken has obtained the certificate of Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd on its "CPC-200 piston ring" for large marine vessel engines, which employs the new surface treatment "CPC-200" for its coating.
The CPC-200 is Riken's originally developed chrome-ceramic surface treatment. It has superior performance in anti-wear and anti-scuffing compared to the conventional chromium platings. Therefore, the CPC-200 piston rings significantly improve engine durability.
Riken has started supplying the CPC-200 piston rings to the Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. licensees (marine vessel engine manufacturers) around the world.

  • water test result scuffing test result
  • Certificate on “CPC-200 piston ring
    (Certificate on “CPC-200 piston ring”)

Introduction of High-performance Thermal Spray Coating : RF-2360

Riken produces RF-2312 as a high wear-resistant thermal spray coating for large bore low-speed diesel engine, and it has been gaining a high reputation from our customers. On the other hand, recently, problems of sulfuric acid corrosion caused by slow operation of marine vessels have been closed up. In such severe conditions, a more durable thermal spray coating than the conventional thermal spray coating (RF-2312) is required. Riken has developed a new thermal spray coating "RF-2360" which has a higher durability than that of conventional thermal spray coating in order to meet our customer needs, and received "Certificate of Approval" from MAN Diesel & Turbo.

  • High-performance Thermal Spray Coating : RF-2360
  • MAN Diesel & Turbo
  • RF-2360
  • 耐摩耗試験結果

Maturity that Drives Confidence

Supplying components and parts to a variety of areas from heavy-duty construction vehicles to robots

Supplying components and parts to a variety of areas from heavy-duty construction vehicles to robots

Highly functional Riken products are being utilized in a variety of fields where they have received high acclaim.
Leveraging our material and processing competencies that were developed and advanced by our automotive experience, we are producing a wide range of parts for engines of various types, sizes and applications, including aircraft, agricultural machinery, construction equipment and industrial components, as well as large size piston rings for marine engine applications.
In addition to engine parts, we also provide many other components that are used on construction equipment and agricultural machinery. Similar to the demands of our automotive customers, these parts must meet ever changing and more exacting performance requirements. Riken has aggressively responded to the needs of its customers through meticulous product design and advanced manufacturing know-how based on mature technology that has been cultivated through our automotive experience.
Riken also produces a large variety of compressor parts including vanes, housings and cylinders. Backed by a strong production system that is oriented toward future growth, our compressor parts offer outstanding weight savings, durability and functionality, all of which are indispensable to high performance compressors.