Company Information

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • We will provide superior long-term economic value for our shareholders through effective use of their invested capital.
  • We Will offer products and services that continually exceed our customers' increasing expectations through constant innovation and continued advancements in knowledge and technology.
  • We will continuously renew ourselves by encouraging initiative and entrepreneurism and by being constantly committed to change.
  • We will value the contributions of each member of our global team and provide a workplace where every employee can share a sense of ownership in the success of our organization.
  • We will be a leading corporate citizen that always operates with respect for the laws, environment, safety and the overall well being of the global communities where we conduct our business.

Guiding Principles

Be Customer Driven
We will create value for our customers through a constant and determined effort to meet and anticipate their needs.
Be Focused On The Basics
We will continually strive to preserve our core competencies and seek effective systems through which these competencies can provide total satisfaction to our customers.
Be Fair
We will be fair and honest in our relations with our customers, co-workers, partners, suppliers and with the public at large.
Be Open
We will maintain an environment of trust where information is widely shared and where the opinions, ideas, and dignity of all people are recognized and respected.
Be Positive & Committed
We will conduct ourselves confidently and with enthusiasm as we move toward the future.
Be Action Oriented
We will take prompt and purposeful action to execute and complete all tasks.