Investor Relations

Takeover Defense Measures

When a large-scale acquisition of the Company's stock, etc., was conducted, for the shareholders to make a proper decision, the Board of Directors of the Company believes that the assurance of necessary information and time and a negotiation with a buyer, etc., based on reasonable rules help ensure the corporate value of the Company and mutual benefit for shareholders. Therefore, it established certain rules regarding the provision of the submission of information and the assurance of time to consider, etc., at the time of a large-scale acquisition (hereinafter, referred to as "Rules for a Large-Scale Acquisition") as stated below. In order to deal with cases in which a large-scale acquisition has occurred by an entity that is inappropriate in light of the Basic Policy, conditional on the approval of the shareholders of the Company at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the Company decided to continue implementing the Plan.

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Notice Concerning Continuation of Measures to Respond to a Large-Scale Acquisition of Our Company's Stock