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Introduction of Applications

Think about it for a moment . . . .
Do you drive a car every day? Have you traveled by ship or used products that were transported by ship? Do we rely on trucks to supply local stores or drive on roads that were built by construction equipment such as bulldozers? Do we eat food that was grown and harvested using farm tractors and combines?

All of these machines, lawn mowers, passenger cars, transport lorries, construction equipment, farm implements, cargo and passenger ships, are powered by internal combustion engines, usually of the reciprocating (piston) type, using gasoline or diesel oil as fuel.

An important working part in these engines is something called a "piston ring". It's a precision-made component that helps the engine harness the energy contained in the fuel and converts it into useful power. In fact, piston rings are absolutely essential to an engine’s efficiency and durability, as well as to meeting all necessary emission regulations.
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